A Dabba full of sentiments. Here’s what our patrons say…

Leherein food was amazing! I found myself unable to stop eating, and everything was made to perfection. I absolutely loved the palak paneer that was made. The rich flavor of the spinach tasted so good with the juicy paneer.

Neil Nadgir

Just wanted to let you know that as usual, Dabba was awesome!! All the bhajis came out perfect and the gajar halwa was totally yummy !! Everyone at home enjoyed it a lot ! Please compliment all the chefs on my behalf!!

Teja Nadkarni

We Have Enjoyed Dabba, Love The Wonderful Work All The Volunteers Are Doing For A Great Cause. We Have And Do Tell All Our Neighbors And Friends About Dabba.
Thank You All !!

Bindiya Bhalla

Leherein is a non-profit organization which offers great food, distinct from any restaurant. All their bhajis are unique. If given a blind taste test, I would easily recognize food from Leherein for its deliciousness! But it isn’t just the ingredients that make it good. It’s also the cause behind the food – all the money raised by selling the food, goes to underprivileged students in India. Thank you Leherein!!

Soham Kadam

Thank you for doing this incredibly awe-inspiring work. It is a life-altering gift that you are giving to these children….. we are just standing on the periphery helping in little ways, thinking in amazement about what a difference your work makes. You have no idea how truly inspirational that is for us!! Thank you for giving a us chance to contribute in a small way to this larger-than-life cause .

Kalpana Paithankar