Dabba Concept
Homemade happiness, served with love

The Dabba Revolution

Leherein stands on the shoulders of hard working and generous people who believe in the cause. And a cause driven by such strong will is bound to give birth to a revolution.

The Dabba Revolution is an innovative fund raising effort by the Leherein Team.


Our passion for cooking made us believe that nothing brings people together like good food. And so, we thought, why not organize a fund raiser which offered people a scrumptious meal in exchange for their contribution? ‘Dabba’ is the Hindi word for lunch box or tiffin box.

Four times a year, the Leherein team along with some faithful volunteers comes together to cook a delicious four course meal for more than seventy five Dabbas.

Each Dabba consists of three curries, dal, rice, chapattis and dessert. One Dabba is a hearty meal for a family of four.

When many little people in many little places do many little things – the world changes.

We believe that if everyone decides to add a few drops of their contribution, together we can create an ocean of generosity. The Dabba Revolution succeeds against all odds; only with the support of the people like you. The people of our neighborhood, our community, our city and our country. At Leherein, we value all our patrons – big and small for their contribution to our cause. The Dabba Revolution will forever be grateful for your support. To everyone who has joined hands with us as patrons, as volunteers or in any other way – Thank you!