The home of laughter and joy.

Leherein’s vision finally took a more definite shape when they collaborated with a well-known nonprofit organization in Pune called the Investment in Man (IIM) trust. In the last 40 years of operating in Pune, IIM Trust has gained a lot of experience and has a legal framework in place for getting donations from foreign benefactors.

Today, Leherein proudly supports the educational needs of 30 underprivileged girls from Dnyanesh Balsadan run by the IIM trust.

Each home has about 8-10 girls and a Mata (mother). The girls attend schools close by and after school, have opportunity to pursue hobbies like dancing, singing, art and crafts. The girls have done exceptionally well in the local talent competitions.  They also take special interest to cultivate their own vegetable garden.

IIM Trust also arranges fun excursions for the girls during the holidays. They make special arrangements to celebrate the festivals and cook special meal for the occasion.

Stepping Stones for Balsadan

IIM Trust supports the girls from a very young age and takes the responsibility for them till they are independent and capable of standing on their own feet. Girls with good academic scores are provided help with securing admission to colleges and financial aid for tuition and boarding. Others are provided with the right kind of technical/vocational training to ensure that they can be self-sufficient

In a nutshell, Balsadan provides all the love, nourishment and care that a child needs during their nurturing years! They make sure that each child is well taken care of, fulfilling all their needs to their best capabilities.When you meet the girls, you can see the joy and feel the compassion in their upbringing.

Thanks to the hard work and commitment of the selfless volunteers and the support of our donors, these girls today have a chance to be second time luckyand sing and swing as they enjoy little joys of life.

Leherein is an example of how a small group of people on a local level can make a positive impact, one small act at a time.

The girls too have an innate sense of belonging which makes IIM Trust unique.