Project Livelihood
Empowering Lives. Building Livelihoods

Sometimes for a few, pursuing a simple dream to uplift the community can become challenging due to financial constraints.   At such times, a single helping hand can make all the difference. All they need is someone who understands their needs, can visualize their dreams, and then support them unconditionally.

With “Project Livelihood” in collaboration with LEAD India, we hope to be the catalyst that can bring a positive change in the life of an individual that then cascades over to their family and in large to the entire community.

Stories Of Hope – Changing Lives Together

Sanjo Kurmi lives in Bundelkhand, MP, India.

Sanjo, a teacher, lives in a community where women generally feel unsafe to step out of their homes, their comfort zone. Sanjo ardently wished to help women in her community and surrounding villages to be resilient and independent. She can do that only if she is able to visit them regularly to talk to them, motivate them.

Leherein helped Sanjo buy a Scooty.

Sanjo now has wings to fly, to reach out to. Being true to her dreams, she has started an initiative to help women deal with their abusive alcoholic husbands.

Sanjo has also started a Library to support education in her village.

Rajesh Kalam lives in Nilgad (Adivasi village), MP, India.

Rajesh and his friends started a group called Sajha to develop leadership skills in the community. They believed in the cause and willingly spent money if needed, from their own pockets.

Unfortunately, Rajesh had to give up his education to earn a living. Rajesh and two other families aspired to do farming for livelihood. Neither they, nor the farmers in the community owned any farming equipment.

Leherein helped Rajesh buy the equipment.

Rajesh and the other two families now earn a living by farming. In the spirit of giving forward and knowing that the other farmers in the area can benefit as well, they plan to rent the equipment at a minimal cost.

Manoj Soy lives in the state of Jharkhand, MP, India.

Manoj, who belongs to an Adivasi group has a strong desire to become a leader to bring a positive change in his community. Manoj and his wife Shruti want to start a small business. They need financial support to buy a machine which grinds grains, build a shed where they can keep the machine, and down the road start a small grocery store.

Leherein is helping Manoj and Shruti get closer to their dreams.

Niranjan Dahrua lives in Odisha Kalahandi (Tendopani village), India.

Niranjan is from the Gond Adivasi community which is relatively underdeveloped place for education. He is the first person in his village who has succeeded in passing Grade 10.

His dream is to be politically active and work in the space of policy making. He wants to inspire the youth to be leaders.

He would also like to introduce professional farming in his village to encourage the youth to stay in their village and not migrate to the cities.

Leherein supported his wish to pursue farming.